Quem Roubou meu Bolo?

My new book has just been released. The title in Portuguese is Quem Roubou meu Bolo? and the English edition is Who Stole my Cake? Here is a short description: Quem Roubou meu Bolo? is a book of… Read More

Três Histórias Diferentes para Aprender Português

As a Portuguese teacher I have always struggled to find decent resources to use in my lessons, since most Portuguese resources use formal language and don’t assist in essential vocabulary development. Essential vocabulary are those 2000 basic words… Read More

Portuguese Tenses: Formal VS Informal

Portuguese is a language that has a great difference between its written and spoken form. Here you will find a formality comparison between verb tenses. The following tenses will be analysed: Imperativo Formal e Informal 2. Futuro Simples (Futuro… Read More