Creative Portuguese: Learn through speaking

My new publication has arrived! After years working on this method and textbook, it’s finally on sale. The idea with this method is to make the student learn through conversation, asking and answering to questions in a set… Read More

1st Meeting of Lusophones in Liverpool

On the 6th of September 2015 the “Lusófonos” community of Liverpool (UK) joined together to celebrate their culture and language in a special event called “1o Encontro de Lusófonos em Liverpool” (1st Meeting of Lusophones in Liverpool). This… Read More

Grammar differences between European and Brazilian Portuguese

There are a lot of vocabulary and pronunciation differences between Brazilian and European Portuguese. But how about grammar? Here are the main differences: 1. Presente Contínuo (Present Continuous): Brazilian: Eu estou falando. = I am speaking with you. European:… Read More