Thanks for visiting my website! On the course of my artistic career I have worked in a variety of activities, such as:

• Composing music for orchestra, chamber and solo music.
• Creating sound art sculptures and installations.
• Performing popular music in a variety of styles.
• Teaching seminars, lectures and private tuition.
• Writing fiction and academic material for publication.







I’m currently a researcher at the University of Liverpool towards a PhD degree in Composition. My research title is Composing for the performance space: designing systems for light and space interaction. I am a member of the Transformation North West programme (AHRC), CAVA (Centre for Architecture and Visual Arts) and the ICCaT (Interdisciplinary Centre for Composition and Technology).

In addition to my artistic work, I’m also the founder of Sonalux Ltd, a startup aiming to design new sensor devices for musicians. Check Sonalux‘s website for more information.

My research areas of interest are:

• Virtual concerts.
• Light and sound interaction.
• Interactive art, sensors and microcontrollers (Arduino, ESP32, STM32).
• Sound spatialisation.

• Field recording and site-specific composition.

• Sound art sculptures and installations.
• Art aesthetics.

My sound canvasses are available for exhibition, contact me for more info.


Next performance dates:


Past performances:

14/04/2021 Intersidereal, Suite for Harp and Lights – To be performed by Bethan Griffiths live at a virtual stage specifically designed for this event. University of Liverpool Lunchtime Concert Series. YouTube + Zoom. Free Admission. 1.15pm (UK Time).
Event Link:

– Organoids – RNCM Concert, CNRR, Manchester. Evening event. Time to be confirmed. Free admission.
13/05/2020 – Organoids – Lunch Time Concert Series, VG&M, 1pm, Liverpool. Free admission.
(postponed due to COVID-19…or the 4th Industrial Revolution!)