Online Lessons

Since 2009 I’ve been teaching Portuguese as a Foreign Language (PLE) in Liverpool, Manchester and via Skype. Currently I have slots for new students so if you are interested in learning or improving your Portuguese you will be very welcome to start learning with me.

– One-to-one or Small Groups (2:1, 3:1)
– Complete framework (conversation, listening, reading and writing)
– Free exclusive material (verbs and grammar tables, exercises, videos, music)
– You can choose what dialect you want to learn (Portuguese from Brazil, Portugal, Mozambique, Guinea-Bissau, Angola, Cape Verde, São Tomé and Macau).
– You will also learn more about Portuguese speaking countries’ arts and culture.
– I also offer a ‘Conversation Only Lesson’ for advanced students, with many conversation games using every verb tense, grammar rules, expressions and slang.

Contact me for more info about Portuguese online Lessons or for lessons in the UK.