Sound Frames (2017)

This composition for bass clarinet, violoncello and percussion explores perspectives on our perception of time, taking as a starting point Heraclitus’s famous argument that ‘everything flows’ (panta rhei). From a metaphysical point of view, representations of a static image are merely fictitious, since there are forces in the universe that are constantly in motion. A photographic camera, for instance, captures a trace of movements from a specific exposure time. A photograph is, therefore, blended events of light and other entities which were in motion. Filmmaking takes this to another level. In film, a photographic image becomes a frame in a sequence, which viewed in series, results produces the illusion of motion. This composition seeks to represent a slow ‘exposure’ construction of motion inside 10 frames (sections), through the minimal use of sound material.

Structure: 10 sections.
Duration: c. 12 minutes.

 Audio recording:

Sound Frames (2017)

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(recorded in September 2017 at the Friary, Liverpool, UK)

VG&M, Liverpool
To be performed by Pixels Ensemble.
Free, reserve your ticket at: