2017-2020 (Recent)

Future Lights (2020)
Composition for Cello, Lights and Internet Audience
Organoids (2020)
Composition for Bass Flute, Cello, Baritone Sax and and Real-time Lissajous figure projection (Lasers)
Immanence (2019)
Composition for Percussion Trio and Augmented Instruments
Ceramica Soundscape (2018)
Sound Art Interactive Installation
Sound Frames (2017)
Composition for Violoncello, Bass Clarinet and Percussion
Syntony (2017)
Composition for Cello, Live Electronics and Live Painting
Voci della Terra e del Cielo (2017)
Site-specific Composition (Pisa Baptistery) for Soprano and Tenor
Bi-dimensional (2017)
Composition for Alto Flute and Live Electronics