2007-2012 (Fauvism)

Between the years of 2007 and 2012 I was focusing in transposing visual colours to music harmony. After composing Suite in Homage to Matisse, which transposes some of Matisse’s paintings to music, I received an email from a scholar asking if I could provide him with more ‘fauvist music’. Indeed, the idea of vivid and non-naturalistic colours was closely related to my compositions. The Serenade for Strings, for example, utilizes a single chord for each movement, and the music only changes through transpositions of this same chord, creating an ample sonority of the same harmonic source.

Oribotics (2011)
for 3 Flutes – 1’32”
This piece is a synchronized colour transposition based on a footage of an installation.

Music: Ian Costabile
Footage: Phil Fried
Installation Artist: Matthew Gardiner

Concerto Ahimsa (2010)
for Violin and Orchestra – 9’00”

I – Gaia
II – Metazoa
III – Homeostasis


Serenade for String Orchestra (2007 – 2008)
I – Blue Wild Plants
II – Red Ferns
III – Minuet of Fluorescent Petals

Quartet for Oboe and Strings (2008)
1st Environment
2nd Environment
3rd Environment
4th Environment

Suite In Homage To Matisse (2007-2008)
for String Quartet, 2 Flutes and Oboe – 15’00”

I – Harmony in Red


II – Luxury, Calm and Pleasure
III – Bathers by the River

Ses Gestes dans le Temps (2007)
for Solo Flute- 3’00”

Performed by Bebel Ribeiro
Video recorded in Sao Paulo, 2007