Hello and welcome to my online portfolio. Here you can listen to some of my music and find out more about my work, I hope you enjoy the visit!

Earphones (sound art installation)

On the course of my artistic career I have worked in a variety of activities, such as:

• Composing music for orchestra, chamber and solo music.
• Creating music sculptures and sound art installations.
• Performing popular music in a variety of styles.
• Teaching seminars, lectures and private tuition.




Currently I’m a researcher at the University of Liverpool towards a PhD degree in Composition. My research’s title is “Designing Systems and Devices for Interactive Sound Spaces”. I am a member of the Transformation North West programme (AHRC), CAVA (Centre for Architecture and Visual Arts) and the ICCaT (Interdisciplinary Centre for Composition and Technology).

My areas of interest are:

• Interactive sonic art, sensors, mixed-media art, Arduino, microcontrollers and VR.
• Sound spatialisation, surround systems, 3D binaural music and sound localisation.

• Field recording and site-specific composition.

• Music sculptures and sound art installations.
• Art aesthetics.

My music installations are available for exhibition, contact me for more info.

Recent News

In November 2018 I will be leading a short course at the University of Liverpool to discuss the music and life of Claude Debussy, after 100 years since his death. 5 sessions, Thursdays from 6pm to 8pm. To enrol: