Welcome to my online portfolio. I’m a composer and sound artist from Brazil, currently based in Liverpool (UK). Here you can listen to my music and find out more about my work.

On the course of my artistic career I have worked in many different activities, such as:
• Composing music for orchestra, chamber and solo music.
• Performing popular music in a variety of styles.
• Teaching and providing music lectures.
• Creating music sculptures and installations.



Currently I’m a research student at the University of Liverpool towards a PhD degree in Composition.

My areas of interest are:

• Spatialism, surround systems, 3D binaural music and sound localisation.
• 3D Soundscapes.
• Interactive music, sensors, Arduino, Raspberry PI.
• Music stasis.
• Music sculptures and installations.
• Art aesthetics.

My music installations are currently available for exhibition, contact me for more info.