On the course of my artistic career I have worked in a variety of activities, such as:

• Composing music for orchestra, chamber and solo music.
• Creating sound art sculptures and installations.
• Performing popular music in a variety of styles.
• Teaching seminars, lectures and private tuition.
• Writing fiction and academic material for publication.



I’m a researcher at the University of Liverpool towards a PhD degree in Composition. My research title is Composing for the performance space: designing systems for light and space interaction. I am a member of the Transformation North West programme (AHRC), CAVA (Centre for Architecture and Visual Arts) and the ICCaT (Interdisciplinary Centre for Composition and Technology).

My research areas of interest are:

• Interactive art, sensors and microcontrollers (Arduino, ESP32, STM32).
• Light and sound interaction.
• Live streaming and virtual concerts.
• Sound spatialisation.

• Field recording and site-specific composition.

• Sound art sculptures and installations.
• Art aesthetics.

My music installations are available for exhibition, contact me for more info.


Next performance dates:

01/09/2020 – Future Lights, for Cello, Lights and Internet Audience – Live Streamed Performance
free admission, just join us on YouTube!
Link for this performance: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC7kr5apzZ6V505zs4rdGTtw/live
UK (London): event starts at 6pm, this performance around 6.45pm.
Brazil (Brasilia): event starts at 2pm, this performance around 2.45pm.
Italy (Milan): event starts at 7pm, this performance around 7.45pm.
France (Paris): event starts at 7pm, this performance around 7.45pm.
USA (New York): event starts at 1pm, this performance around 1.45pm.

– Organoids – RNCM Concert, CNRR, Manchester. Evening event. Time to be confirmed. Free admission.
13/05/2020 – Organoids – Lunch Time Concert Series, VG&M, 1pm, Liverpool. Free admission.
(postponed due to COVID-19…or the 4th Industrial Revolution!)