ArtLyra Studios

We have an unconditional passion for art so we have a space for generating ideas and transforming them into fascinating pieces of art!

As an art community, we share studios in different locations to supply all types of art services, such as audio production (recording, mixing, mastering, composing, etc), 3D printing and electronic design/manufacturing (soldering, PCB assembly, microcontroller programming, electrical components supply, materials and assistance in art installations).
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We support many artists around the world! And some of our favourites are:

Ian Costabile, spatial poet & sound painter.

Jakub Kreft, automatism painter & visual artist.

Fiji (Fabio Colonna), stencil painter & kitsch artist.

NoƩmie Lanos, French painter & illustrator.

Flavia Gottschalk, mystic impressionism painter

Jongu, pentatonic master & Blues guitarist:

Luchino, extraordinary sound technician & bass/cello player.

Patrizia Morandini, world-renowned soprano & lyric singing teacher.

Silvia Pepe, soprano & composer

Natan Heber, Brazilian painter & illustrator.

Matt Lawton, bass player.